Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

Smoking at Manila’s airport has become far more strict in recent times with most of the smoking areas closed down and heavy penalties imposed on smokers.


Smoking areas can be found outside the terminal buildings still, primarily on the arrivals levels.


Terminal 1

Follow the arrivals road around to the end of the building and you will find a smoking area across the road on the left hand side.



Terminal 2

I understand terminal 2 has a similar outdoor smoking area at the end of the arrivals level.  There are also rumoured smoking areas available inside private establishments within the terminal.  If you happen to be going here take some photos and leave a comment below to share your experience.



Terminal 3

There is a smoking area on the arrivals level across the first road nearest to Bay 1.  Be wary there are not many ashtrays and littering is strictly prohibited.