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Looks like there are more and more planes back in the skies recently which means more people are able to travel.

We hope you stay safe during your travels and be sure to follow all local laws and regulations.

Some smoking areas may be relocated or closed due to covid.  Be mindful of any changes and if you're able please leave a comment on our site to let us know what's changed.

Safe travels to all and thank you again for using our site.  We hope we could be helpful.

This site is designed to make it easier to find a smoking area while traveling the world.  We don’t have all the airports and sometimes the information will be outdated with changes to smoking laws happening everyday across the globe.

Please update our members in the comments if you find any information is different to reality.  We really appreciate it.

We are constantly updating airport information as we find changes and adding additional airports.  Please let us know in the comments over here if we’re missing something and we’ll work hard to update it.

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