Narita International Airport (NRT)

Smoking at Narita Airport is prohibited both inside and outside the passenger terminals to eliminate the possible effects of “secondhand smoke” except in designated smoking areas. However, there are 14 smoking areas at Terminal 1 and 19 areas at Terminal 2


Terminal 1 (Maps Down Below)

1F – Outside South Exit S1 and S2, North Exit N1 and N2, Central Exit C1

1F – Inside Near Plant and Animal Quarantine

3F – Near Gates 57A/57B, 46, 42, 35, 26, 11A/11B

3F – After security checkpoint for connecting passengers

4F – Outside near North Exit N4, South Exit S3, Central Exit C1

4F – Outside near South Exit S3

4F – Near Checkin Counters A and H

4F – In Restaurant Areas behind Post Office and Near Laox

5F – Near Kaisen Misakiko and Williams (Either side of the building)


Terminal 2 (Maps Down Below)

1F – Outside North Exit 3, Central Exit and South Exit 2

1F – Near Seino Customs Clearance Service

2F – Near Walkways Entrance to Parking Lot North 2F and Parking Lot South 2F

3F – Outside between Between North Exit 1 and Central Exit and South Exit 1

4F – Near entrance to Observation Deck North and South


Terminal 1 Maps



Terminal 2 Maps




Official floor maps can be downloaded from here.