Auckland Airport (AKL)

Auckland Airport has numerous smoking areas outside the terminal.  Many are located just across the traffic lanes and some are undercover and some are not.

While not easily found on their website unless you go looking through their maps which are hard to read on a mobile device.


  • Arrivals: Outside door 11 (Near McDonalds and Hire Cars) This area is uncovered.
  • Departures: Outside door 5 (Near Check-in Zone C) This area is covered.
  • After Security: This one is harder to find.  Once you clear security and walk through the shopping areas head up the stairs/escalators towards the gates.  At the top of the escalators turn right back towards the lift.  You will see a small smoking sign.  Follow the corridor around and exit at the double doors and there is a fairly large outdoor area.  Some of the area is covered and some is open air.  There is also a place to sit.


2016-02-10 05.51.33

Smoking Area Past Customs / Security



  • Go out Door 1 and turn right, walk to the end of the building



Smoker Discrimination: 5/10 – Domestic still shuns you off to the end of the building.

Comfort While Smoking: 7/10 – All areas have somewhere to sit, some areas have more seating than others.  Some areas are covered from the weather, others are not.


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