Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND)

Tokyo Haneda accommodates smoking throughout the buildings with special smoking areas.

Terminal Building


Level 1F – Departure Bus Lounge – 6 areas in the public area, near Bus Gate 133 in restricted area.

Level 2F – Arrival Lobby – There are 3 areas close to the immigration area. (2 in public area, 1 in restricted)

Level 3F – Departure Lobby – There are 2 areas in the public area behind check in counters A and K/J and there are 5 areas in the restricted (airside) area near gates 106, 109, 114, 146 and heading towards the lounges and Tokyo Sky Kitchen

Level 4F – There are 2 public accessible smoking areas at either end of Edo Koji

Level 5F – There is 1 smoking area located behind the viewing platforms towards the Moon Viewing Platform area.


Parking Area

Level 1F – Near the Pet Hotel / Admin Offices.

There are no smoking areas on other levels of the parking structure.


More Information


The HND website actually has some good information including maps so head over there for more information at: