Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

Melbourne Airport takes a strict view on smoking and has more information about where you can’t smoke than where you can.

Where you CANT

  • There is to be no smoking in all airside areas. Smoking is also prohibited in the following landside areas:
  • All areas designated as ‘no smoking’ by signage
  • Melbourne Airport controlled buildings;
  • Adjacent to building access points such as doorways and windows;
  • Within 10 metres of air conditioning intake vents and ducts;
  • Undercover car parking areas

Where You CAN

There are smoking areas in the outside forecourt adjacent to most of the terminals.

See map below:




Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport while strict like other Australian airports does have a moderate number of places owing to its layout.  It’s never too far to go.  Most of the areas are either uncovered or have no or very limited seating.



If you’re looking for normal maps of Melbourne Airport then follow this link to our other site.